Analpa's Brands

Analpa – a dynamic international company, known for its unique concept: to offer fashionable designer footwear at affordable prices. It has been one of the leading companies on the international market of fashionable footwear for over 25 years.

Collections of Analpa’s brands can be found in traditional and online footwear stores all over the world – from Russia to South Africa, from the USA to Thailand, and from the UK to UAE. Company's internationally recognized brands include KEDDO, BETSY, Elisabeth, Laura Valorosa, Buongiorno, Marcello di Nuove, Mario Avanti, ID!, Tesoro, Teenidi, and WALZER Austria, which target different audiences and price segments.

Brands’ collections are created by a group of 18 international designers; company’s new materials testing laboratory is located in Holland, and production facilities – in Europe and Asia. The company develops unique lasts and soles, designer prints and other know-how, many of which have been patented. In its footwear, the company uses only modern materials that are safe, environmentally friendly and have excellent performance characteristics.

Analpa regularly wins awards at prestige international contests, opens new offices in different countries, and takes part in dozens of international exhibitions, constantly increasing the sales of its footwear brands. But no matter how fast the company has been growing for the past 25 years, it remains true to one mission – to help people look good and feel happy.

KEDDO Spring-Summer 2016

BETSY Spring-Summer 2016

CROSBY Spring-Summer 2016